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Welcome to Danobat-Marathon LLC

Danobat-Marathon has been serving the metal working industry for the past decades. Our customers are accustomed to our excellent technical support, application and engineering capabilities, machine tool rebuilding and retrofitting services. We only offer quality and high tech machine tools, automated machining solutions and build long-term relationships with our customers.

Being a member of the DanobatGroup we provide custom designed production machinery and turnkey machining systems for select industries.

OCTG Premium Pipe Threading

Our main focus is on the Oil & Gas industry providing state-of-the-art threading lines for premium threading capabilities for many of the large proprietary pipe threading companies. The DANOBAT TTB threaders are the best suited machine tools in today’s market place designed for pipe threading from ground up offering Danobat made hydraulic 6-jaw centering chucks, rigid Danobat turrets for 4-axis operation and our unmatched “chatter killer” device.

OCTG Premium Coupling Production

Danobat is a major player in automated premium coupling threading! We offer complete coupling cells whether with gantry loading systems or with robotics, from cutting coupling material all the way to phosphating and painting! Our CL machines are designed exclusively for coupling machining leaving behind our competitors in power and productivity.

API Pipe and Coupling Machining

We offer our Marathon-Vantage heavy duty pipe threading and coupling machines to API pipe and coupling shops providing high production capabilities at an affordable investment. Our CNC lathes are among the heaviest in the industry.

Valve Body Machining

For valve body machining we offer the Danobat ValveCenter that is unmatched in the industry. It is capable of complete machining 2” to 7” valve bodies in one setup, without moving the forging from one machine to the other eliminating multiple setups and in process idle shop floor time!

ROCK BIT Machining 5-axis

Danobat-Marathon provides the highest quality 5-axis horizontal spindle machining centers for rockbit machining, made by GROB of Germany and supported by GROB’s US state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

CNC Grinding Applications

Danobat-Marathon also offers machine tools for different grinding applications. You have a choice for small ball (upto 6” diam.) grinding from Danobat/Overbeck, to large ball (upto 63” diam.) from Plantool and large cylindrical grinders from Danobat or Gioria. All these machines offer you the best quality available today.

Sawing Technology

Danobat-Marathon offers top of the line metal cutting technology. You can choose from top quality band saw products from Danobat or 2 or 3 circular blade cold saw technology from Plantool providing unparalleled high-speed production.