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Baruffaldi Manuals

TOE-80 turret
First half of the manual Page 1-15
Second half of the manual Page 16-29
TOE-100 turret
First half of the manual Page 1-15
Second half of the manual Page 16-30
TOE basic turret (TOE120-TOE400)
Electrical wiring, layout of electrical components Page 7-8
Operation diagram (time chart), encoder code table Page 9-10
Electromechanical functioning of the turret Page 11-12
Assembly drawing, side and top section view Page 13-14
Back view, disassembly of the turret Page 15-16
Turret assembly, parts alignment Page 17-18
Lubrication, coolant valve, motor and brake air gap Page 19-20
Alignment the encoder and pre-indexing proximity switch Page 21-22
Locking proximity switch, manual indexing of the turret Page 23-24
Recommended spare parts Page 26
TOE basic turret - electrical
Electrical manual Page 1-13
TOEM live tool turret
First half of the manual Page 1-17
Second half of the manual Page 18-37
TS turret
TS turret machanical Page 1-43
TS turret electrical Page 1-8
TSMA live tool turret Page 1-21
TB servo turret
TB turret, mechanical Page 1-40
TB turret, electrical Page 1-14
TBMA turret, mechanical Page 1-28
TB drive instruction manual SA.02A.TB Page 1-32
TAN Turret
TAN Installation Manual Page 1-18
CE gearbox
CE 12-14 gearbox manual Page 1-35
CE 13 gearbox manual Page 1-30