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Baruffaldi Turrets

Baruffaldi offers the following turret types from its manufacturing program:

Tool-Disc Type Horizontal Turrets

Baruffaldi continuously develops its products and today it offers the latest servo technology in the third generation CNC lathe turrets. This evolution process started with the popular bi-directional electro-mechanical TOE / TOEM / TOER turrets and lead through the TS / TSMA series to today’s TB / TBMA / TBMR servo models. Leading machine tool builders all over the world utilize Baruffalidi turrets in their machine tools.

Please selet the appropriate turret models you are interested in below:

Baruffaldi TOE series electro-mechanical turrets
TOE series electro-mechanical turrets
Baruffaldi TS Series Turrets
TS series electro-mechanical turrets
TB series servo turrets

Tool-Post Type Vertical Turrets

The tool-post or head type vertical turrets are mainly used on CNC flat bed lathes. These are esay to integrate unidirectional electro-mechanical turrets with high rigidity suitable for big, heavy duty lathes. Today’s TAN models replaced the earlier BA / BAN models, and utilize dove-tail VDI tool holding system.

Please find more details below:

BA series electro-mechanical turrets
TA series electro-mechanical turrets