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Marathon atHoustex 2013
NEW Mori Seiki NT 4250DCG / 1500SZ

CNC Pipe Threading

Complete valve machining in
one setup !!

NEW Warner & Swasey SaddleType Turret Lathes
Low Cost NCT CNC Control
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Our Completed Rebuild Projects

Before After
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Okuma Cadet Before Rebuild
Okuma Cadet After Rebuild
Okuma Cadet  
Warner & Swasey SC-28 Before Rebuild
Warner & Swasey SC-28  
Mori Seiki SL-25  
Mazak Power Master  
Mori Seiki SL-65 (model year 1989)  
Mori Seiki SL65 Before Rebuild
Mori Seiki SL65 After Rebuild
Mori Seiki SL-65 (model year 1995)  
Mori Seiki SL-80 Before Rebuild
Mori Seiki SL-80  
Mori Seiki LL7 Before Rebuild
Mori Seiki LL7 After Rebuild
Mori Seiki LL7  
Mori Seiki ZL100 Before Rebuild
Mori Seiki ZL100 After Rebuild
Mori Seiki ZL-100  
Mori Seiki SL8 Before Retrofit
Mori Seiki SL8 After Retrofit
Mori Seiki SL8  
Nissin NTS-40 Before Rebuild
Nissin NTS-40 After Rebuild
Nissin NTS-40 Rebuilt with new PC based NCT control
Sealturn-103 Before Rebuild
Sealturn-103 After Rebuild
Mori Seiki SL6 Rebuilt: 2009
Wasino Rebuilt:
SL 500 Rebuilt:
SL500 Before Rebuild 1
SL500 After Rebuild 1
SL-500/1000 MC Rebuilt: 2007
SL320 Before Rebuild
SL320 After Rebuild
SL-320 Rebuilt: 2006
SL320 Before
SL320 After
SL-320 Rebuilt: 2003
Mori Seiki LL7 Before
Mori Seiki LL7 After
Mori Seiki LL7 Rebuilt: 2007 (new PC based NCT control)
SL320 Before
SL320 After
SL-320 Rebuilt: 2008