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Marathon looks back to two decades of CNC machine tool servicing, rebuilding and retrofitting experience. We pride ourselves with significant engineering and mechanical and electronics design capabilities.

Recently, at one of our customer’s request, we developed a custom design CNC lathe to turn large diameter Teflon seals at an economic budget.

The objective was to be able to turn a maximum 103” diameter and 2-4” thick seal. A CNC lathe that can achieve this capacity, whether used or new, would cost a lot of money and it is rare to find. Marathon accepted the challenge and designed and built a CNC machine in about six months to accommodate the needs of our customer.

Sealturn 103

Sealturn-103 Large Seal Turning

After some research and brainstorming, we found an old manual T-lathe that became the base of the new machine. We took the machine completely apart, designed and built the necessary risers of the headstock and the cross slide.

Installed the existing cross slide on the riserblock and replaced the original handwheels and lead screws with new Marathon-NCT servo motors and ball screws. A 4-station Baruffaldi turret has been installed on the top of the cross slide to accommodate the tooling needs.

The Sealturn machine has been equipped with a new electric cabinet that houses the new Marathon-NCT control and all the new servo drives, spindle drive and power supply unit. The new electric schematics and the interface program has been developed by Marathon Machine Tools. All the electric wiring has been done in-house.

After the machine has been completed and installed, the customer can now turn large diameter seals from 36” up to 103” size giving them a competitive advantage in their industry.

Click here to see more pictures of the Sealturn CNC lathe