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Danobat OCTG Threading Solutions

Marathon Machine Tools specializes in threading solutions for oil country tubular goods (OCTG). We offer CNC lathes and manual lathes for pipe threading, feeding tables and complete threading lines on customer demand. As an added service, we also offer pipe bucking units (bucking machines) to complement our threading solution packages. Through the years we helped customers to solve their pipe threading application needs and gained valuable field experience unique to a machine tool distributor. Below you can view some of the solutions we can provide to our pipe threading customers.

TT & TT-B7
TT & TT-B10
TT & TT-B13
TT & TT-B16
TT & TT-B20
Pipe sizes up to (inch)
9 5/8"
13 5/8"

DANOBAT machine tool technology offers tailor-made solutions for the machining of pipe ends. With rotating pipe and stationary tools technology the most distinctive feature is the machine rigidity and optimal chip removal during the turning and threading operations.
In addition to the pipe threading lathe we offer loading / unloading systems, positioning racks, internal pipe support & plug devices, specific tooling solutions, machining processes, CNC programming and operator training to suit the customer's particular application and needs.
Our machines are capable of machining all type of threads whether they are API , GOST or proprietary connections (PREMIUM).

TT-Series Pipe Threading Lathes

For API and semi premium / premium threads we can offer our TT-Series DANOBAT CNC turning centers for up to 20” pipes, providing 4-axis threading capabilities featuring SMW Autoblok compensating air chucks and a pipe stop centering chuck:

TT-B Series Pipe Threading Lathes

The TT-B series lathes have been specifically developed for large pipes with premium connections utilizing one-path threading technology using SECO inserts designed for this machine. The TT-B machine is a vertical bed design with two large turrets in 4-axis configuration. These machines weigh 100,000+ pounds and feature 150 hp on the main spindle. They are usually equipped with 6-jaw centering chucks and have automatic pipe plug insert system.

Pipe Feeding Tables

We can also provide our customers with pipe feeding tables. Our supplier DANOBAT is offering a high tech automated pipe shuffle system satisfying the most demanding customers.

Pipe Loading Rack

We can provide easy to operate and reliable economy systems as well:

System will consist of the following:

Operator Interface Station