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VDI Static Tool Holders

VDI Quick-Change Tooling System (DIN 69880)

The VDI turret disc is designed to accept either OD or ID tool holders in any of the tool stations. VDI tool holders provide an accurate and fast method of affixing tools to the turret disc.


The VDI Quick Change Tooling System offers a faster alternative. Change-over time for VDI tool holders is less than fifteen (15) seconds making possible a complete turret retooling of 12 tool holders in less than three (3) minutes - compared to the conventional bolt-on tool holder system which requires approximately five (5) minutes per tool holder change-over, requiring sixty (60) minutes to complete a turret retooling of 12 tool holders. The savings increase as set-ups increase. The benefits of faster set-ups represent a realistic way to increase productivity.

How does the Quick Change Tooling System work?

Coolant Through Tool Holder


The components of the VDI tool holder:

VDI Toolholder

VDI Tool Holder Selector

A1 Rectangular blank for special version
A2 Round blank for special version
B1 Right hand radial
B2 Left hand radial
B3 Right hand radial overhead
B4 Left hand radial overhead
B5 Right hand radial long
B7 Right hand radial long overhead
C1 Right hand axial
C2 Left hand axial
C3 Right hand axial overhead
E2 Boring bar holder
E4 ER Collet holder
ER ER Collets
E5 Boring bar holder split clamping
E7 Double boring bar holder
Z2 Plug for the VDI hole
AR Tool holder for cut off blade (adjustable in height)
KH1 Bar Puller
M Quick change tap holder
MW Revolving bar stop
114 Taper Drill Socket
115 Tool holder bushing "J" style
MRA Axial rotary tool holder
MRA Spec. Axial offset rotary tool holder
MRR Radial rotary tool holder

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