Ball screw






Installation of the ballscrews 

The ball screws require precise and rigid installa­tion. Both the tolerance of parallelism between the spindle and the slide, and the tolerance of perpen­dicularity of the nut installation has to be observed and kept within the minimal values.

Lubrication of the ballscrews

The lubricants being used for the lubrication of the ballscrews are basically the same as those used for roller bearings, just the quantity used is higher. The lubricating material can be oil or grease. In case of oil lubrication, a higher rotation can be allowed than in case of grease lubrication, as the heating of the spindles is lower. In case of grease lubrication, a regular re-lubrication period of 6 months is suffi­cient after the initial operation cycle.

Design of shaft ends

The shaping of shaft ends is based on the client’s drawings. For the specification of shape and posi­tion tolerances being appropriate for the given accuracy class, the provisions of standard DIN 69051 are to be followed.

Designation example

E.g.: the designation of a IT 3 accuracy class ball- screw with a nominal diameter of 40 mm, a right direction thread elevation of 20 mm, mounted with a ball of 7,144 mm diameter, with a threaded length of 1040 mm and total length of 1280 mm, with 4-4 operating threaded flange-cylindrical nut pairs, with wiper at both ends is:

40.20R. 7,144. 1040/1280 (AFV-AZV)/4-T3

Further requirements

Should the demand for products be different from those listed on the following pages, we are ready to help our partners by:

  • additional nut specifications
  • additional nominal sizes:
  • left lead direction.

(e.g. nut pairs being installed into the housing)

d0 = 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 P = 1, 2, 2,5, 3, 4 etc.


We also undertake the repair works of ballscrews.