Marathon offers laser measuring services to customers and also to rebuild & retrofit clients to prove achieved accuracy. Marathon owns two laser measuring devices, an XD laser from API and one Optodyne equipment.
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Downtime Minimized

Minimise machine downtime: Gain a detailed picture of how each characteristic of a machine’s performance is varying over time, predict when maintenance work will be required for a specific machine, and establish contingency plans in advance.


Grade the performance

Grade the performance of all your machines: By calibrating all your machines, you will be able to grade them according to their relative machining ability. Assigning specific toleranced jobs to machines capable of holding these tolerances, ensures that they are fit for the required purpose and less likely to produce scrap.


Accuracy improved

Minimise scrap and improve accuracy of cut parts: By ensuring that a machine is working to specification, the chance of scrap will be minimised. It also enables tighter tolerances to be held on jobs, improving overall accuracy and quality.


Machine Life Extended

Extend the life of your machine: Certain types of machine errors can lead to excessive wear in the drive system and guideways of machines. By pinpointing and eliminating these errors at an early stage, you can improve the orking life of a machine.


Complete calibration

Enable complete calibration of a machine tool, being able to measure great number of geometric and dynamic properties of a machine tool.

XD Laser by API


The award-winning XD Laser from API is a multi-dimensional laser measurement system that simultaneously measures linear, angular, straightness and roll errors for rapid machine tool error assessment. The XD Laser’s fast, accurate measurement of machine positioning and axial capability makes complete machine assessment possible with up to 80% less downtime. For example, a complete measurement of a 1 meter volume machine is accomplished in 3 to 4 hours instead of 3 days.

XD Laser by API

What Makes The XD Laser Different?

The XD Laser is a fully wireless system with Ethernet connectivity that is available in 1, 3, 5, and 6 Degree of Freedom configurations. The 6 dimensional XD Laser is the only laser measurement system that provides simultaneous measurement of all axis errors from a single setup. The system also features the ability to evaluate velocity, acceleration, parallelism, squareness, and flatness.