Baruffaldi, with over than 30 years experience, is a market leader in production of 2-Speed Planetary Gearboxes.
Two speed gearboxes are commonly used on machine tools main spindles, (turning lathes, Milling machines, Boring Mills etc..) together with variable speed motors, aiming to extend constant power field offered by the motor and to increase torque at low speeds.
By using Baruffaldi two speed gearboxes, production flexibility of the machine is increased without affecting precision: high torque is available for hard materials machining and high speed for soft materials.

CE/CF gearbox

The following Baruffaldi gearboxes are offered by Marathon:

  • CE/CF series two speed gearbox
  • CA series double pulley two speed gearbox
baruffaldi gearboxes
  • 8 Gearboxes sizes
  • Output torque up to 3200 Nm
  • Input Speed up to 10,000 rpm
  • Suitable for any kind of motor due to the modular input system
  • High belt tension allowed due to gearbox high rigidity
  • Low vibration, temperature and noise levels thanks to an innovative system
  • Lubrication system to be defined according to the application
Technical Specifications


Marathon provides professional gearbox service both to OEM machine tool builders and machine tool users. We keep pre-balanced gearbox assemblies, spare parts and all technical information in stock. To better serve our customers we also stock certain complete gearboxes in our Houston Technical Center.


CE Gearbox Manuals
CE 12-14 gearbox manual Page 1-35
CE 13 gearbox manual Page 1-30
CE Catalogue
Check Baruffaldi CE Gearbox Catalogue on Baruffaldi’s website: Baruffaldi CE Catalogue