The renown German company BRINKMANN PUMPS has more than 150 employees. In 1997, a subsidiary company was established in the USA, and from 2008, BRINKMANN PUMPS will be represented also in Japan with a branch office.

A lot of development work has been built in into each BRINKMANN pump – internal and external research, complex checks on the test bench and in real life. BRINKMANN PUMPS realizes market-orientated innovation with constant feed-back of its customers all over the world.

One example for this is the patented slurping immersion pump with suction de-aeration, mastering air trapping in the coolant in a most effective way.

A complex modular system was developed in order to meet individual requirements in a cost-effective way. Thus, the best possible/optimum solutions for individual customer desires are created.

The production of components is highly automated, with the third shift being completely unmanned – thus low-cost operations are ensured. Assembling is done individually: Order per order – this guarantees flexibility.

Immersion Pumps TS12…24

Peripheral impellers

Models TS12 to TS24 are suitable for CNC machine tools featuring coolant supply through the tool holder or driving spindle. The TS series is also used for machines equipped with internally cooled tools.

TS pumps are equipped with a peripheral impeller to achieve a compact high pressure unit.

Series TS are suitable for filtered coolant only.

To reduce pump pressure, model TS22 to TS24 is also available with an optional Y/YY (Dahlander) motor configuration for 4 pole operation at half speed.

image010 image011

High-pressure pumps BFS, TFS, FFS

Screw-spindle type immersion pumps attain high pressures and are provided with highly wear-resistant silicon carbide bearing housings and highly rugged spindles.

They are suited extremely well for delivering filtered lubricating media like cooling lubricants (oils and emulsions). High-pressure pumps must only run with liquid – never dry.