VDI Static Tool Holders

The VDI turret disc is designed to accept either OD or ID tool holders in any of the tool stations. VDI tool holders provide an accurate and fast method of affixing tools to the turret disc.

  • The VDI Quick Change Tooling System offers a faster alternative.
  • Change-over time for VDI tool holders is less than fifteen (15) seconds making possible a complete turret retooling of 12 tool holders in less than three (3) minutes – compared to the conventional bolt-on tool holder system which requires approximately five (5) minutes per tool holder change-over, requiring sixty (60) minutes to complete a turret retooling of 12 tool holders.
  • The savings increase as set-ups increase.
  • The benefits of faster set-ups represent a realistic way to increase productivity.

VDI Rotary Tool Holders

Marathon is a primary supplier of high quality VDI rotary tool holders. Our products are made in Italy and our manufacturing partner provides us with exceptional quality to satisfy the most discriminating needs.

The driven or live tool holder is an accessory for CNC turning centers with motorized turret to perform drilling, milling and tapping jobs.

With driven tools you can finish machine a complex work piece in one setup without re-chucking the part thus maintaining accuracy and concentricity.

Our supplier can offer a wide range of rotary tool holders, and also build special driven tool holders to customer request.

Our driven tool holders are usually equipped with ER collets, but we also offer Weldon DIN 1835 or KM Kennametal mandrels.

We also offer dedicated tool holders for the following machines tools:
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Drive Coupling for Baruffaldi TOEM and TBMA Turrets


Drive Coupling for DUPLOMATIC IDT-N, SM/SMA Turrets


Drive Coupling for SAUTER Turrets


Drive Coupling for DUPLOMATIC BSV-N Turrets


VDI-60 Rotary Holders with CAT 40 tooling

We offer a unique solution for heavy duty milling / drilling performance for VDI-60 users. Our rotary tool holders feature CAT 40 taper tool connection instead of the commonly used collet system to achieve unparalleled rigidity. Now you can use your regular machining center tooling in your turning center!

The VDI-60 holders accept the CAT 40 tool holder and use a lock-bolt to manually clamp the pull studs.

Pull studs and lock-bolts are delivered with the tool holder kit.