Marathon offers state-of-the-art CNC retrofit packages from FANUC FA of America

Marathon Machine Tools integrated it’s first control package in 1989 and offered it’s Fanuc retrofit solutions ever since! Our degreed electronic engineers design the most suitable Fanuc packages for every application in-house. All the PLC programs and connection and wiring diagrams are developed at Marathon and all the panel building are done at our electronic retrofit department.

We use the latest technology Fanuc 0i-F series controls, but the 30i series is also available to our customers.


FANUC Series 0i-MODEL F has common operating system with the high end 30i series Fanuc controlsd, and technology has been implemented for achieving high quality in machining surfaces.

FANUC Series 0i-MF

CNC for Machining centers

1 channel system total controllable axes: up to 9

2 channel system total controllable axes: up to 11

FANUC Series 0i-TF

CNC for lathes

1 channel system total controllable axes: up to 9

2 channel system total controllable axes: up to 12

FANUC Drive Systems

FANUC servo and spindle drive systems feature high-reliability, easy maintenance and exceptional electrical efficiency. Compact motors are in line with the trend towards more compact machine tools and compact amplifiers save space in the control cabinet. Drive systems are available in high-voltage (400V) and 200V configurations, depending on the model series. FANUC servo motors feature ultra-smooth rotation and superior acceleration, and the amplifiers provide easy maintenance and high energy efficiency.

FANUC drive systems push electrical energy back into the line when decelerating servo and spindle motors, which when combined with more efficient CNC machining processes, can reduce energy costs by as much as 30 to 50%.

FANUC Servo Motors and Spindle Motors

FANUC offers a large choice of servo motors (ALPHA i series and BETA i series), linear motors (LiS series) and torque motors (DiS series) covering a large range of applications. FANUC offers a large range of asynchronous spindle motors from 0.55kW to 100kW (ALPHA i series and BETA i series) as well as built-in synchronous and asynchronous spindle motors.

Some examples of past FANUC-Marathon retrofit projects