“Turret not fixed” error (TOE turrets)

Turret not fixed
The turret locking proximity switch will send the signal, when the turret has been locked, when the roller carrier is in the middle position, and the locking crown (short – circuiting ring gear) is in the front position.

First check the signal output at the terminal. If there isn’t any, check the proximity switch, by pulling it out and holding a metal object in front of it. If the switch is good, check the gap between the end of the switch and the high spot oft the roller carrier. The gap should be about 0.8mm (0.030″). Check, if the turret rotation will be stopped by the pre-indexing pin? (see “If turret will not stop” section)

If it has been stopped, check if the motor has been reversed, in order to lock the turret. If the motor reversed and the locking signal is coming only for a short time, very likely the inside shock absorber pads are worn out, ask advice from our service, how to change them, or send the turret to the service center for repair/rebuild.

If the locking signal is made only for a short time, the motor could not have been stopped by the brake, check and set the right air gap.