TMX Manual Chucks



TMX Manual Chucks
can handle rough as well as precision machining demands while extending the life of cutting tools and machine spindles due to the increased rigidity, accuracy and optimal wear behavior.

  • Made in Europe
  • All Forged-Steel Body
  • 2 year Quality and Performance Warranty
  • ISO Certified
  • All chuck mounting sizes meet DIN standards
  • Guaranteed to maintain exceptional accuracy for an extended period


  • Chuck bodies are drop forged and hardened to 28 HRc
  • 28 HRc is hard enough to wear longer but not brittle which eliminates stress cracks in critical areas


  • 2-Piece Hard Reversible American Standard Tongue and Groove Jaws are made of high quality alloy steel then hardened to 50 HRc and ground
  • Jaws hardened to 50 HRc
  • Jaw teeth are “softer” than the rest of the jaw to allow for a slight flex which will extend the life of the master jaw
  • Solid and soft top jaws also available

Adapter Plates

  • Adapters are made of steel and not heat treated delivering optimum functionality and performance
  • Fully-finished to precisely fit TMX plain back chucks without a need for any additional machining
  • Choose from a full offering of A, D, L, C and threaded taper plates