Baruffaldi continuously develops its products and today it offers the latest servo technology in the third generation CNC lathe turrets. This evolution process started with the popular bi-directional electro-mechanical TOE / TOEM / TOER turrets and lead through the TS/ TSMA series to today’s TB / TBMA / TBMR servo models. Leading machine tool builders all over the world utilize Baruffalidi turrets in their machine tools.


Marathon has provided professional turret service both to OEM machine tool builders and machine tool users for the past 20 years. Our service engineers are factory trained and we keep spare parts for TOE, TS, TB and TBMA type turrets in stock.
We offer complete turret rebuild for any Baruffaldi turret model of any production year. We have a test bench to perform test run on the completed turrets.


TOE-80 turret
First half of the manual Page 1-15
Second half of the manual Page 16-29
TOE-100 turret
First half of the manual Page 1-15
Second half of the manual Page 16-30
TOE basic turret (TOE120-TOE400)
Electrical wiring, layout of electrical components Page 7-8
Operation diagram (time chart), encoder code table Page 9-10
Electromechanical functioning of the turret Page 11-12
Assembly drawing, side and top section view Page 13-14
Back view, disassembly of the turret Page 15-16
Turret assembly, parts alignment Page 17-18
Lubrication, coolant valve, motor and brake air gap Page 19-20
Alignment the encoder and pre-indexing proximity switch Page 21-22
Locking proximity switch, manual indexing of the turret Page 23-24
Recommended spare parts Page 26
TOE basic turret - electrical
Electrical manual Page 1-13
TOEM live tool turret
First half of the manual Page 1-17
Second half of the manual Page 18-37
TS turret
TS turret machanical Page 1-43
TS turret electrical Page 1-8
TSMA live tool turret Page 1-21
TB servo turret
TB turret, mechanical Page 1-40
TB turret, electrical Page 1-14
TBMA turret, mechanical Page 1-28
TB drive instruction manual SA.02A.TB Page 1-32
TAN Turret
TAN Installation Manual Page 1-18
CE gearbox
CE 12-14 gearbox manual Page 1-35
CE 13 gearbox manual Page 1-30