TB Servo Drive Installation

To replace a servo drive on the TB turret follow the below instructions;

When setting up a TB turret with a drive you must first set up which kind of servomotor the turret
has for indexing. This can be set with the dip switches on the drive.
First the turret must be locked in the mechanical tool position 1. Next you have to power down the machine
and turn all of the dipswitches to OFF on the drive in order to delete the current settings that were loaded
in the drive.  Next you turn on dipswitch number 9 on the drive and then set up the turret type, k2 or k5.
This is found on the nameplate of the turret, it will be in the beginning of the code number that should
start with a k2 or a k5. The dipswitches will be used to set this information. While dipswitch 9 remains on
the manual will tell you which dipswitch needs to be set ON for which turret type.
Next you will set the motor type after setting the turret type k2 or k5.  To set the motor type you will also
use the dipswitches.  The manual will again show you which dipswitches to turn on to get the correct
motor setting for the motor that is installed on your turret.  After setting these 2 settings according to your
hardware you will then supply the drive with 24V (power on machine).
The drive will have an AF on the DRO when you start the machine, at this time you will turn on dipswitch
number 10 and the drive will count up to 5, then you turn off the dipswitch 10 and the drive sholuld count
back down to 0, this will load the settings you have selected into the drive.  At this point you will leave ON
the dipswitch 9 and other switches you have turned on for turret and motor settings.
Next you will power down the machine again, turn off all the dipswitches. At this point you will set the
turret type, number of positions, and dynamic profile. Dynamic profile should be universal for regular operations and tooling, other settings
are only used if there is offset weight on the tool disc. This procedure is done after you have already performed
the resolver acquisition. See attached the flow chart of the Servo Installation file and the page on Resolver Position Acqusition as a separate file.

BF Servo drive installation

TB-Drive Turret type and resolver