Baruffaldi S.p.A. headquartered in Milan, Italy is one of the largest CNC turret and gearbox manufacturers in the world. The company started business in the 1930s providing brakes for motorcycles. Later in the 1950s Baruffaldi entered into production of brakes and clutches for trucks and industrial machinery. These products still represent a vital part of the company’s manufacturing activity.

Upon the early development of CNC machine tools, Baruffaldi started to introduce electromechanical turrets and planetary gearboxes in the 1970s.

Baruffaldi S.p.A. is the largest turret and gearbox manufacturer exporting to all the major machine tool building countries of the world. Its state-of-the-art more than 200,000 sqft facility and highly skilled work force guarantees quality products.

Baruffaldi Turrets

Baruffaldi offers the following turret types from its manufacturing program.

Baruffaldi Gearboxes

The following Baruffaldi gearboxes are offered by Marathon:.